Engineering Consultancy

Sarda Sol offers limited-duration services to evaluate or to find solutions to a specific problem. Therefore, it addresses customers who intend to carry out an independent analysis of the plant status or who need to solve technical or administrative issues.
Sarda Sol studies general and particular issues: from monitoring system to procurement of warehouse supplies, from safety aspects to production optimisation. Through technical verification of plant component dimensioning it is possible to verify the correctness of customer’s yield expectations.

Consulting services are addressed at private customers who want to verify the plant status and the conformity of their investment with the business plan forecasts, at banks and investment funds who need a technical and administrative Due Diligence service to evaluate the purchase/sale of a plant, and at insurance companies.
Due Diligence services permit to solve important issues such as the status of warehouse stocks, the implementation of remote management systems, that allow to optimize maintenance interventions, the identification of problems, and the study of corrective actions.

The service is particularly suitable for preventing GSE inspections on plants, that can invalidate the incentive system.
The GSE, also using certified companies (from the GSE itself), carries out inspections on all photovoltaic plants that receive an incentive. Power is not discriminating: all photovoltaic systems, of any size or type (roof, ground, shelter, etc.), are subject to control. The person responsible for the correct procedure for obtaining incentives is the owner of the photovoltaic system.
A technical-administrative analysis allows to move ahead, to highlight irregularities and risky situations, and to correct any inconsistencies.