O + M

A good technical and operational management is the basis for correct functioning of the plant and for maintenance of economic indicators of the investment.  The consolidated partnership between Sarda Sol and local companies, that are physically close to installations, enables a high standard of management and maintenance service. O&M offer includes monitoring, reporting, ordinary and preventive maintenance actions, inspections, diagnosis, extraordinary and corrective maintenance, optimization of all types of PV plants in the exclusive interest of the customer.

Operational Management Services

  • Daily remote monitoring;
  • Data analysis;
  • Planning of maintenance interventions;
  • Component warranty management and replacements under warranty;
  • Management of removal procedures for damaged components and modules (PV Cycle);
  • Management of all-risk insurance reimbursements;
  • Verification and validation of Enel Measures;
  • Management of GSE invoices;
  • Annual declaration to the Customs Agency;
  • Annual declarations to the AEEG.

Technical maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance intervention, inspection and cleaning of components;
  • Washing of modules;
  • Extraordinary maintenance interventions due to component damage;
  • Instrumental function checks;
  • Management of green areas holding the plant.

Remote monitoring

The monitoring service allows verification of the generator’s operating parameters and timely reporting of any anomalies and faults.

Ordinary maintenance

This activity is aimed at periodic inspection of all components of the PV generator. The service includes periodic cleaning of the modules and execution of scheduled maintenance protocols essential for maintaining the best operating conditions.

AEEGSI management

Holders of electricity production plants falling under the definition of “producers” in accordance with Resolution 235/2014, must send a specific online declaration to the Authority, using the information technology communication system.

Annual consumption declaration

As provided by the legislation on excise duties, all plants producing Electricity (including renewable sources) with an installed capacity of more than 20 kWp, are required to submit the Annual Declaration of Consumption on an annual basis.

Verification of production parameters

Verification of production parameters (through remote reading and/or direct reading on plant counters) allows to verify the effective yield and therefore the compliance with the business plan.

Verification of legislative requirements

Updating the system to technical regulations avoids sanctions and allows incentives to be maintained. It is essential to keep up to date with regulatory evolutions and network operator information.